3 Reasons You Should Check Out Politik At LAVO Tonight!


If you are in NYC and looking for a high-energy EDM show tonight (and why wouldn’t you be?), we HIGHLY suggest checking out Politik at LAVO. In case you have been living under a rock and need some convincing, we have put together three reasons (although there are SO many) why you won’t regret catching his show tonight.

1. His shows are unlike the rest


In a music scene that is currently over saturated with DJ’s, you can’t help but feel the unique flare that Politik brings to every set he plays. A true music connoisseur, Politik is aware that preforming isn’t just about what you play, but how you play it. Being able to feel a crowd and cater to their vibes, he is able to a put on a show that is expertly designed to appease club patrons. Who doesn’t want to spend an evening listening to music that feels like it was made specifically for you and how you’re feeling?

2. He Mixes Things Up and Keeps It Fresh


Not one to rely solely on spinning Top 40 hits, Politik makes sure to switch things up and has been known to scratch classic records and even some rock. Just when you think you know where the show is headed, he throws in a refreshing surprise, that keeps the crowd alive and on their toes.

3. He’s Been Mixing Beats Since He Was A Yongster


The 25-year old, LA native received starter DJ equipment from his mom when he was only 12-years old. That’s some serious dedication to the craft! Politik has been interested in producing music way before EDM reached the height of success it is experiencing right now. His career is that of conviction and passion – it’s not a fad to him. When you see his show, you see his dedication.

If you are looking to get lost in the music tonight, make sure to check him out at LAVO. If you want to book bottle service to accompany the night, make sure to check us out and download the SURV app!

Politik on Soundcloud


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3 Reasons You Should Check Out Politik At LAVO Tonight!