3 Reasons Why You Should Start Listening To Vindata Right Now

Regular readers know that we often focus our attention on the latest and greatest musical artists, songs and events. And, because we always want you to be in-the-loop about up-and-coming EDM-ers, we wanted to introduce you to Vindata.

This duo (Branden and Jared, in case you were wondering) are making a splash across the music sphere days. Here are three reasons why the buzz surrounding Vindata is well-deserved—and why you should start obsessively listening to them if you aren’t already.

1. Their Songs Are REALLY Good

Like amazingly so. We could blabber on about why this is the case, but we are opting to just point you to one of our current favorites. It’s called “All I Really Need”. Take a listen.

This track with Kenzie May might not be their latest song, but it is still 100% worthy of admiration. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; Vindata seems to have a knack for breathing new life into songs by creatively and expertly remixing them

2. They Go Against The Grain

It really bums us out when we are kicking it at the club at our table and every song blaring through the speakers sounds EXACTLY the same. So when we discovered how catchy, intriguing and unexpected all of Vindata’s tunes were, we were immediately hooked. You will be too.

3. They Are On The Come-Up

They have already toured with Skrillex and their EP “Through Time And Space” is earning them some pretty rave reviews. So worldwide superstardom seems pretty inevitable at this point. Familiarize yourself with their work sooner than later.

Check out their stuff on SoundCloud. And if you have any thoughts on this that you just HAVE to share with us, we’re on Twitter.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Listening To Vindata Right Now