Best Ways To Beat Your 4th Of July Hangover



So, you’ve made the most of your 4th of July long weekend and now you need to feel like a human being again. While there is no instant hangover cure-all (aside from avoiding alcohol…. but what fun is that?), we have put together a few tips that will certainly ease your pain. Now, if only we had a remedy for the back-to-work blues…


1. Drink Water

This will be even more beneficial if you start your water game the night before. We know that after a good night out, consuming more liquid is the last thing you will want to do – BUT, your head and stomach will thank you the next day. If you simply cannot (for various reasons) get water into you the night before, do it first thing in the morning. While this won’t cure your hangover right away, it will certainly relieve your pain as the day drags on.  Rehydrating leaves you more equipped to tackle those nasty next-day symptoms.

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2. Ginger or Peppermint Tea

We know you want to reach for that cup of Joe, but you may want to reconsider. A hot cup of ginger or peppermint tea are perfect for soothing hangover-induced nausea and stomachaches. Also, won’t it be great to drink something that isn’t red, white or blue? Your eyes will be as grateful as your insides.


3. Coffee and Aspirin

If you aren’t convinced by tea’s soothing power and you need that jolt of caffeine to get your day started, at least pair it with the classic pain reliever that is aspirin. The caffeine from coffee and the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin (amongst other painkillers), react against the chemical compounds of alcohol and will give you that sweet relief that you seek.


4. Eating Foods High in Potassium and Salt

Since potassium and salt are good sources of preventing further hydration (a.k.a keeping you completely hungover), you may want to consume all the bananas that your nausea-riddled body can handle.


5. Hair of the Dog

Probably the most fun item on our list (after the first few sips, of course). This is like saying, “Hey, body…. remember how you really liked me last night? Well, I’m back and you are going to like me again!” Of course, if you are at work you should probably avoid this one (no judgements though). Also, don’t forget to stop once you start feeling a little better… or you will be one-eyeing this list again tomorrow.

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Best Ways To Beat Your 4th Of July Hangover