Our Favorite Shooters


Sometimes it’s hard to choose between a drink over which to linger or a shot to just get the job done quickly. Enter shooters. We’re not talking those questionable neon things packaged in plastic that are available at the corner store. A truly talented bartender can create mini-drinks in shot glass proportions that will blow your mind with their creativity. Read on to discover some of our favorites here at SURV!

1. White Gummy Bear

You can have your candy and drink it too with this unique creation because it seriously tastes just like a gummy bear. Mix up:

1 shot raspberry liquor

1 shot triple sec

1 shot sweet & sour

splash of lemon-lime soda


2. Chocolate Cake

Don’t be deceived by the look. This clear concoction tastes just like a slice of classic chocolate cake. Mix up:

1/2 shot Frangelico

1/2 shot vodka

Serve with lemon wedge coated in sugar

 3. Beetroot Shooter

This is sort of like the Bloody Mary of shooters as it leans more toward savory than sweet and includes a kick of spicy horseradish at the end! Mix up:

1 cup beet juice

3/2 cup vodka

1/2 tsp. fresh grated horseradish


4. Martini Shot

Truly the best of both worlds! Our pro-tip is to never skimp on the olive juice. Mix:

1/2 shot vodka

1 tbsp olive juice

1/4 ounce vermouth

Serve with skewered olive garnish

5. Classic Kamikaze

Simple, classic, and refreshing. This tiny kamikaze will have everyone asking for more! Mix up:

1/2 shot vodka

1/2 shot triple sec

1/2 shot sweet & sour

2 pinches sugar

Serve with lime wedge garnish


Have you tried any of these? We’d love to hear about your favorites, too!


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Our Favorite Shooters