Tips For Booking Bottle Service In NYC

If you have ever been on a mission to book bottle service in NYC, you will know exactly why we used the word “mission” just now. It is, frankly, more often than not a total pain in the ass.

But we digress. Here are a few of our favorite bottle-servicing-booking tips.

Have a must-hit club, lounge and bar list.

Basically, don’t have your sights set on just one hotpot. You’ll just be setting yourself up for disappointment since the New York City nightlife scene is getting more crazily crowded by the day. Instead, compile a mental roundup of ideal locations you’d like to chill at on a given night. It’s much better this way, we promise.

Know what you want before you begin trying to book.

This is especially important when you are trying to accommodate the entire crew. Know what date/what area of the club you want to seated at/which alcohol brands and mixers—speaking of, pop over and read Off-The-Menu Bottle Service Mixers for some inspiration on this front if you haven’t done so already—you want at your table/how many people are going to be hanging with you/etc. Having all your metaphorical party ducks in a row makes planning way easier overall.


You knew that this is where we were going to end up, right? Downloading and utilizing the SURV app can get you exclusive deals and offers. Don’t let those slip through your fingers.

Stay tuned for more bottle service wisdom from your truly.

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Tips For Booking Bottle Service In NYC