Your Guide To Cinco de Mayo Sipping

While you may instinctively reach for shots of tequila come May 5th, doing this may be inhibiting you from experiencing a world of festive flavor.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of a few our all-time favorite drinks that are incidentally ideal for any and all Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Take note.

Horchata With A Twist

Okay, you probably saw this one coming, but bear with us. This drink actually just requires that one add some rum to a glass of horchata, sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on it and…drink up. Easy-peasy.

A Bloody Maria

We may have sounded like we were SUPER over the idea of indulging with tequila during Cinco De Mayo festivities in our intro, but we actually will never, ever part with our darling tequila, though do prefer to use more as a key drink ingredient than just tossing it back in shot glasses.

Case in point? Bloody Marias. We silently giving a round of imaginary applause for whoever came up with the super clever name, though our primary focus is still on how amazing these taste. Kind of a boosted version of a Bloody Maria, as it switches out vodka for tequila. It’s good, guys.

Coconut Margaritas

If you have yet to enjoy a coconut margarita, stop everything and take a long and hard look at what you are doing with your life. Because, believe us, you are missing out and you need to level up and get your hands on one of these immediately.

Tinged with tropical goodness, this unique margarita will please your taste buds while simultaneously catapulting you into the celebratory spirit for the day’s festivities.

Mexican Mule

With pineapple, hints of ginger, jalapenos and—hopefully a generous splash of—tequila, this tasty cocktail packs just the right amount of punch for kicking off a wild night out.

Cilantro Cooler

Pair this baffling not-super-popular drink with any Mexican fare and you’ll be golden; it’s equal parts smooth and tantalizing. Or just do what we do and enjoy it at a bar before heading off to your designated Cinco de Mayo party zone. Then up the ante by booking a table and bottle service for you and your crew because why the hell not?

Cheers to a wild and wonderful Cinco de Mayo.

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Your Guide To Cinco de Mayo Sipping